Work-From-Home like a PRO with a Gaming Chair!

We’ve all been working from home for quite some time now, between the much needed extra hour of sleep and working in your pyjamas, working from home is a dream.

But as the boundaries between work and home become blurred, you find yourself hunched over your laptop for more than 8 hours a day, wrecking your body in the process. 

Despite what you may have been trying to convince yourself for the past year, the chair at your dining table simply cannot be used for office work.

With all that time you spend sitting down, it’s about time you invest in a comfortable and ergonomic chair to save yourself from body aches and pains. 


Gaming Chairs VS Office Chairs

A good chair should have an ergonomic design, adjustable features, and provide you with proper back support. Having a good chair makes all the difference,

whatever you’re working on, being comfortable at your desk can boost your productivity and significantly boost the way you feel about working from home. 


A well-designed gaming chair does all that while looking good in the process. They may be slightly pricier but the main advantage gaming chairs have over

regular office chairs is their ergonomic design, in particular, their back and neck support. While a regular office chair may sound like the more

budget-friendly option, gaming chairs are built for regular, prolonged use, and are fitted with thicker cushions to keep you comfortable.

If you struggle with back pain after a long day at your desk, an ergonomic gaming chair has got your back. 


For my fellow gamers out there, if you’re looking for a sign to get a gaming chair, this is it.


Razer Gaming Chairs

A market leader in gaming peripherals and gear, Razer has garnered a cult following worldwide. Their line of gaming chairs have been out for some time now,

featuring the Iskur and Iskur X, these chairs are designed to offer high repeatability, optimize reach and responsiveness, as well as minimise aches and strains.


We love these chairs and here’s why: 


High-Density Foam Cushions

For the perfect balance of support and comfort, Razer gaming chairs are fitted with plush, dense cushions that contour to your body, allowing you to apply just

enough pressure while the cushions mold to the shape of your body. Once you’ve tried these cushions, you will never want to sit on anything else again.


Built To Last

Razer gaming chairs are wrapped in a material that not only feels great but is tougher and more durable than standard PU leather.

Since you’ll be sitting on this every day for hours, Razer ran a series of tests to ensure that its plush texture doesn’t peel or stretch

over time and that its upholstery doesn’t loosen or fall apart from constant pressure.




Adjustable Height, Backrest, and Armrests

Designed for work and play, you can easily modify the height and angle of the chair so you can still stay comfortable when you’re not

hammering away at your keyboard.  And when you are, the adjustable armrests allow you to find a natural and relaxed position that works for you.



Engineered To Carry

With a steel-reinforced body, armrests and wheelbase, Razer’s ergonomic gaming chairs can support a weight of up to 136 kg, fit up to a height of

170–190cm, and also features angled seat edges to maximize resting surface area. Whether you’re sitting up or leaning back, Razer gaming chairs

will provide you with well balanced and extremely stable support with whatever posture you adopt.




Pricing and Availability 

You can purchase the Razer Iksur gaming chair for S$749.90, with an option to add on the Razer head cushion for S$64.90.

The Razer Iskur X gaming chair retails for  S$599.00 with options to add on the Razer Lumbar Cushion for S$84.90. 


Available Now! 

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