The Most Powerful Laptop, The MSI GT77 Titan

 The wait is finally over, the most powerful laptop of 2022, introducing the MSI GT Titan series, the GT77 Titan,
powered by the new Intel 12th Gen HX series processors and the latest Nvidia RTX 3000 series graphics cards,
this is one unstoppable machine in the gaming world!

Let’s take a look at the specifications and feast your eyes on this beast:

Supports either Intel Core i7-12800HX or Core i9-12900HX I7/i9 consist of 16 cores(8 Efficient and 8 Performance cores)/24 threads

Graphics card:
RTX 3070TI or RTX3080TI


Supports up to 128GB – 4 slots DDR5


Supports up to 4 M.2 SSD slots (1 x PCie Gen 5 and 3 x PCie Gen 4)




Supports Wi-Fi 6E + BlueTooth 5.2

Battery life:

4-Cell 99 Battery (Whr)


17.3-inch display

Refresh rate:

120Hz refresh rate

Image resolutions:

Ultra HD resolution

This beast packs a punch for all your games! Every single game you throw at it, it will perform its best!
The GT77 comes built with 4 fans and 7 specially designed heat pipes (courtesy of the MSI Team) to help with heat dissipation, and what’s more,
it also comes with 6 air exhausts to help further reduce the hot air within the system!
To further add on to better performance, MSI have introduced a Phase-Changing Thermal Pad for the system to allow better temperature
during heavy load, this will further bring the temperature down during all your activities like gaming etc!

The MSI GT77 also comes with a 17.3inch display and a 120Hz refresh rate, suitable for all games especially your FPS games.
Feast your eyes on the visuals coming to life with those colours and movements in 4K too!
The Ultra High Definition resolution display will bring you to the next level of gaming with this powerful machine!



The GT77 is also upgradable for your future for both the Memory slots and SSD slots!
The SSD slots come with 3 M.2 NVMe PCIe Gen 4 slots and also 1 M.2 NVMe PCie Gen 5 slot.
The Gen 5 slot is said to be compatible for future Gen 5 M.2 NVMe SSD for two times more speed compared to the Gen 4 M.2 NVMe SSD!
The memory slots come with 4 slots compatible with DDR5 memory, upgradable to 128GB!

To further enhance your gaming experience, it starts with the keyboard for all gamers!
MSI has collaborated with Steelseries to introduce the Cherry MX Ultra Low Profile mechanical switches.
It provides you a more precise experience for each key during your gameplay, giving you more control
over your games and a huge enjoyment hearing every click!


Last but not least, RBG lightings are a must-have for all gamers!
RGB lighting is installed in the system, and that includes the logo as well!
With RGB in place, gamers can game in style and enjoy every colour that flashes during usage.
Keep the momentum going and win more games!
With everything you need for an all-in-one exciting gaming experience, this is the gaming laptop you need,
the power and performance in this beast will give you everything you wanted and still keep
your machine cool during your heavy gaming all day long!

Available for order now over here