The Headphone Made For You – The JLab Play Gaming Wireless Headset

Need an all-in-one headsets that you can use for your daily commute or even an occasional game or two?
We have something to recommend, and you will enjoy every moment with it. JLab has a headset that can work in any way you want
for your daily games or even a casual music session and still doesn’t hurt your wallet, it is made affordable!

Introducing the JLab Play Gaming Wireless Headset, everything you need packed in this headphone.

Build Quality
When it comes to build quality, the JLab Play Gaming Wireless Headset offers users a lightweight experience and maximum comfort,
made with an aluminum framework paired with sturdy reinforced layers of plastic, making the overall build quality the best you never thought possible.


The headphones also come with a headphone case, where you can store the headphones after use.
It is made with a solid cover, and quite surprisingly it is really tough. Upon pressuring downwards while the headphones are in the case,
it felt like pushing against the wall, very tough indeed.


When it comes to comfort, the headphones perform second to none. A heavy padded headband right at the top, giving you maximum comfort over the head,
and when you are not using the headphone, it can be hung around your neck, and you do not feel much annoyance as well.
The ear cups and the cushion are fairly thick too, your ears feel like it is sandwiched between a mini size bed that gives you the right snugged feeling.


Sound quality
The best segment of this headphone review is here, the sound quality!
Amazingly, this headphone outperformed what we had expected. The moment it is paired and music is played, the audio experience through the ears is wonderful!
The snugged fit feeling of the headphones complimented the overall experience allowing a more immersive listening experience for the music, and you can hear it crystal clear.
The audio quality is one of the best we have heard so far, every precise detail of the music can be heard, from the words sung to the background rhythm, you can never go wrong.


Price Point
With the headphone features and performance rating, you might think that the price point for this headphone is high, but it is not.
The price point is reasonably priced at 89SGD, and you can even get it cheaper during promotional periods like Shopee and Lazada during the 9 September 2022 sale next month!
Just need to collect the platform vouchers on either platform before carting out to further lower the price!

Compared to other well known headphone brands out there, JLab Play Gaming Wireless Headset is reasonably priced and performance is definitely beyond what we have expected, this is one good deal you should not pass up on.

Overall, this is definitely one headphone that can work for everyone for any occasion, sound quality wise is definitely on point for your games or music, it will be a good fit for you when you are commuting as well.

Lightweight, wireless and comfortable, making it easier to focus while using it. Most headphones out there are a tad heavy, but this headphone will definitely change the overall experience.

Bonus feature
Psst, the microphone is retractable too, giving you more flexibility when you wish to stream or even game together with your friends when you need it!

Get the JLab Play Gaming Wireless Headset on Shopee or Lazada now, remember to collect those vouchers before carting out!