ScreenBeam 960 – The all-in-one way to make your business meetings more interactive and conducive

No more messy cables and unstable apps

Free of messy cables and unstable applications, the ScreenBeam 960 wireless display receiver
enables a more user-friendly approach in
providing users the easiest and stable usage for business meetings.
It can mirror your screen from any type of devices like Windows, Android or even Apple wirelessly!


Minimalistic, efficient and flexible

The ScreenBeam 960 allows flexibility for all users with a single click or swipe.
The device enables you to extend the screen that you are presenting and also provides flexibility for other actions while presenting,
a minimalistic and efficient approach for all your business meetings. It also supports interactive touch displays and
efficiently allows you to present your screen to any selected display panels you wish to present on.

Comes with CMS software

ScreenBeam have also  included a Central Management System (CMS) software to allow remote management of
receivers, providing enterprise-class security and manageability that IT departments need.

Reduction of touchpoints

What’s special about ScreenBeam 960 is that it can allow presenters to use their own devices to present instead,
thus reducing the number of touchpoints during the meetings! Safer and more efficient than ever!


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