Protect Yourself And Leave No Digital Footprints Behind

As our internet footprints gets left behind from online shopping, work related researches or even just casual surfing the web, our digital presence and data are often “shared” in the internet world. The internet has become the second world that has proven to be insecure for most users.

On 4th October 2022, Ban Leong Technologies have partnered with ESET the industry leader for cybersecurity worldwide,
to create the importance of cybersecurity. With increasing sophisticated digital threats in an ever-evolving landscape, a form of protection/prevention is vital for everyone.

With this partnership, we believe with the united efforts of both ESET and Ban Leong Technologies, we can create the need and awareness of how digital threats can be prevented to create a safer and more holistic environment suitable for everyone. Potential threats that you and I might meet on based on our internet usage will range from malwares, viruses or even trojans.
With the unknown threats from the internet world lurking at every corner, we believe ESET can help us while we surf the internet with a peace of mind.