Navigating a Hybrid Work Model with Poly Studio E70

Since the pandemic, businesses have been forced to transit to a Hybrid Work Model. With the Hybrid Work Model, you have employees working on-site whilst others work from home.

By allowing employees the freedom and autonomy over where and when they work, these businesses have seen improved productivity and employee satisfaction.


The Hybrid Work Model is not without challenges. In a traditional work environment, good teamwork requires regular communication and interaction.

-With the Hybrid Work Model, there is a lack of face-to-face interaction and increased barriers to communication, straining the culture of inclusion and collaboration within the team.


How can businesses enjoy the best of both worlds?
The success of a Hybrid Work Model will depend on how well businesses equip employees with flexible collaboration devices to balance out the playing field for both on-site and remote employees.

Poly’s new device, the Studio E70, seeks to help businesses empower their employees to stay connected and perform at their best wherever they are.


Poly Studio E70 
Poly’s Studio E70 is the latest addition to its line of conferencing cameras. Designed for large meeting rooms, this smart camera combines incredible video quality,

advanced audio capabilities, and advanced analytics to break down the barriers between the virtual and physical worlds.


Features of the Studio E70 include:

High-End Optics 

With dual lenses and 20 Megapixel 4K sensors, the Studio E70 delivers life-like video that easily covers large meeting rooms.


AI-Driven Camera Array

Real-time automatic transitions, framing, and tracking, made possible by Poly DirectorAI.

This seamlessly connects the meeting room to the home office, making everyone feel like they are in the room together.


Privacy Shutter 

For enhanced security, a motorized integrated electronic privacy shutter is incorporated into the Studio E70, providing split-second privacy.


Management’s A Breeze 

Poly Lens management software, an all-in-one app for collaboration devices, ensures high availability and provides advanced analytics,

allowing businesses to maintain security without the burden of traditional IT management.



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